Saturday, February 28, 2009

The fallen

The fallen
Oil painting on canvas,64x45 cm.

This painting represents a couple of Red-Kites – Milvus milvus- at the Zoo of Jérez. They were irrecoverable animals, their wings had been amputated and they had other disabilities which did not allow their reintroduction to nature. That was the reason why I left the work unfinished.

Scops owl

Scops owl
Oil painting on wood, 49x40 cm.

In this work I decided to leave the wooden surface of the support visible, a layer of glue was applied to it.

Friday, February 27, 2009

YODO, Bufo calamita

YODO, Bufo calamita
Oil painting on wood, 15x40 cm.

Second stage of the work. It symbolizes inferiority complex.

YOUNO, Aquila heleaca adalberti (Detail)

YOUNO, Aquila heleaca adalberti (Detail)
Oil painting on wood, 80x195 cm.

Double work which symbolizes duality of character in all human beings. It represents superiority complex.
With reference to the title: Nowadays, the scientific name of the species is `Aquila adalberti´. According to my data, when I painted it, Spanish Imperial Eagle was considered as a subspecies of Imperial Eagle. Now, our bird of prey is a different species from Eastern Imperial Eagle; hence the title.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Circus pygargus

Circus pygargus
Mixed media on methacrylate

In this matrix, I used the engraving needle technique and stripper to create textures. But, unfortunately, when I was doing an artist’s proof, the pressure of the screw press was not well adjusted and the matrix broke when rolling it. The whole work disappeared.

Tarentona mauritanica

Tarentona mauritanica
Engraving needle on methacrylate, 14,5 x 24,5 cm

This is another engraving needle work; here I decided to leave the main figure unfinished, so you can perceive the composition tracing.

Red-legged partridges

Red-legged partridges
Engraving needle on methacrylate, 26 x 20,5 cm

Engraving needle is one of the simplest engraving techniques. It consists in scratching the desired image on a metallic or methacrylate surface; then it is stamped.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Homage to Anabam

Homage to Anabam
Real-size model with dermoplasty, about 45 cm3.

A work made specifically for the exhibition dedicated to Kentish Plovers (Pillara Papuda in Galician) -Charadrius alexandrines- at A Guarda, Galicia. It was organized by José Arcas and Agustín (President of Anabam).
Keep it up, guys! Thanks to people like you we will be able to enjoy these birds in the future.

My little assistant

My little niece, Aurora, is almost a baby but she is always running around in my studio, taking over my works. She is lovely.

Homage to Anabam, making-off

Summer, 2008. My brother-in-law, Francisco Manuel Sánchez Mesa and I, putting the final touches to the real-size model.
Thanks, Manuel, for always being there, sharing my dreams.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pillara and chick

Pillara and chick
Real-size model with dermoplasty, about 45 cm3.

This work was made to be exhibited at A Guarda, Galicia. It was organized by the ecological group Anabam. I participated with two real-size models, a graphite pencil drawing and the sketch of one of the real-size models.

Pillara and chick, Details

Pillara and chick
Real-size model with dermoplasty, about 45 cm3.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A countryside view II

A countryside view II
Xilography, 21,5 x 39,5 cm

This is my third xylography. Little by little I will add the engravings which composed my first individual exhibition. I will also give you some technical data.

A country side view I

A countryside view I
Xilography, 27,5 x 43 cm

Here you have another engraving. It is a xylography, too- technique of embassed engraving on wood.

Dualidad (Duality)

The blue-beaked duck
Xylography, 42,5x60 cm

I can´t think of better way to begin this experience than some past reflections, as part of a project for a catalogue, in the early 2000s, which was never published. These lines express altogether the feelings which tie me to Doñana and which give meaning to my work.


Doñana, dualidad...
Dualidad, cercana y distante, conocida y desconocida...
Dualidad, amplia pero acotada, limitada, pequeña...

Su vida, su fauna. Cercana.
Sus sitios, sus lagunas, sus parajes. Desconocida.
Sus amplitudes, rectángulos en obras que el espectador percibe inacabadas.

Dualidad, indómita naturaleza domesticada...
Doñana, Parque, límite, frontera...
Doméstica yegua marismeña que guarda al indómito cazador...

Dualidad, científico o publicitario...
Frontera, rectangular paisaje limitado.
Límite, cerca, límite que mata más que protege.

Doñana, mi obra.
Animal, protagonista.
Paisaje, rectángulo. Límite de vida, habitado por el protagonista.

Obra, dualidad...
Dualidad, simple y compleja.
Más lo primero, que lo que sigue...
Animal, belleza. Fauna que te mira a ti, espectador...

Dualidad, arcaica, primigenia creación que se repite en el tiempo.
Repetición. Rito que pide aumentar el número de animales.
Artista. Artesano. Chamán.