Sunday, October 16, 2016

The 77th Internacional Exhibition in Valdepeñas

THE CHAIR, Passer domesticus
Bronze and iron  164 x 74 x 74 cm.

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A new edition of the oldest exhibition in Spain and I've been selected again. Valdepeñas is always special.

This time the guest artist was  Mr. Julio López.

 With close friends; from left to right: David, Gael, Ana, me, Noa and Andrea.

With 'my girls'.


Visitors at the exhibition.

 Cover of the catalogue.

Page of the catalogue in which my sculpture is. 

For me, an  important landmark in Valdepeñas is the great sculpture 'Tribute to D. Quixote' of Mr. Venancio Blanco. We took advantage  of the visit to the town to enjoy this marvellous work...

August casting

'Where is the water? - Taxicola torquatus'
Model in wax

This year I have cast three times... that's a record.
The first time, in March,  I cast 10 pieces in 16 casting trees.
The second time, in June, 6 copies of a small format engraving.
And the third time is this one in which we cast 8 small format engravings of two different models, the common stonechat and the leaves below and three pieces of my friend Esmeralda Durán, who took part in this cast and in the March one.

Interior of the furnace with two pieces of microcast. 

'Where is the water? - Taxicola torquatus'
Model in bronze still with the casting tree and the crucible. 

Ficus leaves 
Model in bronze still with the casting tree. 

A great team
From right to left: De derecha a  izquierda: Fco. Manuel Sánchez, Manolito Perú, Esperanza Durán and me.

Lost wax casting process with ceramic shell using the microfusion method. 

Lost wax casting process with ceramic shell using the direct casting method. 

Monday, August 1, 2016

25 years of Drawing and Bronze Sculpture in Priego de Córdoba - Tribute to Venancio Blanco

The living river
Bronze, 52 x 12 x 15 cm.

This is a special year. Last year,  the Drawing and Bronze Sculpture Courses in  Priego de Córdoba celebrated its 25th anniversary and the celebratory events have been held this July. The occasion has also served to honor Mr. Venancio Blanco, `flag' to whom all those who love drawing and casting follow.

Programme of the 2016 Free School of Fine Arts at Priego de Córdoba 

July 21st
Launch of the book `Value and identity of the process in Venancio Blanco´s sculpture- 25 years of the Drawing and Bronze Sculpture Course in Priego de Córdoba´.

At the table, from left to right: Marta Campos,
Luis M. García Cruz, MªLuisa Ceballos, Mr.Venancio Blanco,
José A Aguilar and Miguel Forcada

Frontispiece of the book 

Page in which my work appears 

A surprise, a delight to imitate...

Back cover

July 22nd
Conference `Life in a rose bush. Or Venancio Blanco' by Mr. Gerardo Díaz Quirós
A pleasure to enjoy the fluent speech of someone who loves the teacher's works.

Image of the presentation

Mr. Venancio and we all deeply moved while listening to Mr. Gerardo Díaz Quirós

Opening of the exhibition `Venancio and his School: Drawing and Bronze Sculpture in Priego de Córdoba'



With Mr. Venancio, next to my work

July 23rd
Unveiling of the work `Tribute to music'.

The flautist Irene Jiménez Lizcano,  model for this work,
playing a musical piece in gratefulness to Mr. Venancio Blanco

From left to right: Julio Herrero, Andrés J. Naranjo,
Esperanza Durán, Mª  Mar Ruiz, D. Venancio, Mar Muñiz,
Irene J.  Lizcano, Carlos Forcada, Aurora García-Calabrés,
Marta Campos, Luis M.  García, Lolita Paz,
José Antonio Aguilar and me

Commemorative plaque placed on the stand

Tribute concert to Mr. Venancio Blanco



From left to right: Carlos Forcada, Azahara Sánchez,
Fernando Gallardo, Mr.Venancio Blanco, Luis V.  Pérez,
Miriam Castro, Alba García and Irene J. Lizcano

In addition we had drawing from life lessons...

And the invaluable conviviality with Mr. Venancio, Marta, Luis, José Antonio, my friends Lolita and Andrés,  Esperanza, Aurora, Mar,  Paco, José, Miguel, Eusebio...
And having breakfast one day...

Mr. Venancio threw down a challenge ...
'Where will you place a nest? .'
Thank you, Mr. Venancio, for filling my head with birds...
And thanks to all those who turn Priego de Córdoba into a paradise...