Friday, May 25, 2012

Circus aeruginosus

Circus aeruginosus (female), sketch and study
Graphite and colour pencils on paper, 30x21 cm

Two weeks ago, on my way back home after work I was lucky to see a scene of great plasticity. A female harrier passed in front of my car carrying in one of its legs the skin with leftover meat from a rabbit, probably run over. I was struck by the gracefulness of movement and beauty of this bird of prey. As I got home, I made a quick sketch of the experience and then with more calm and the help of some pictures I made a work in colour (the image here). I am preparing a panel for an oil painting.

This image was previously published on the number 10 of the magazine 'Bocetos' ​​of AEAN.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

The little hunter, Lanius senator

Little Hunter (sketch)
Graphite pencil and marker on paper, 25x25 cm.
I show you the sketch I´ve made for my next work in bronze. I´ve had this project in mind since, a summer evening, I went with my friend David Novoa to the Acebrón Palace in Doñana and, on the road which connects it with the road to El Rocio Matalascañas, we enjoyed watching a male Lanius  senator for half an hour long. This species is easily seen in the fields which are not exposed to pesticides and insecticides and reminds me of my childhood "outings" between the agricultural work that my father urged me to do. When, in a little notebook, I drew insects, small reptiles, birds and little mice that a family of Woodchat Shrikes sticked into the thorns of a small orange tree in my father´s orchard. I also remember how, in the outer branches of a big orange-tree, they placed their nest and I could see the breeding of the chicks from a hide I made with some canes and rushes, following the instructions given my uncle Fredesvindo.
I am also busy with a checking of the bronzes I have (a more arduous task than modelling, casting and peeling), besides, I'm with making the structures and frames of some paintings.