Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The mould of the Lynx

Silicone mould

After a long absence, I show you a stage in the creation process of the work “Iberian Lynx”. The final work, which is a dermoplasty, needs a hard creative process which begins with the modeling of the piece; preferably in wax, as the products employed to make the moulds do not “accept” humidity. So we rule out clay, which would make it all more difficult, requiring an additional "relief printing" in plaster. We will continue with the making of a silicone mould- it allows making various “copies”. This is a complicated technique. Once we have the mould we have to make a copy of it in polyester and fiberglass. We put glass eyes and paint it with oil painting. The work is finished when it is placed in a real-size model (diorama).