Thursday, September 8, 2011

Priego 2011 Sculpture

Bronce, hierro y madera, 180x80x50 cm. medidas aprox.

One year more I´ve spent part of my summer holidays in Priego de Córdoba, sharing them with good friends and new mates, and devoting my time to drawing and sculpture.

Alba (detail - Barn owl, Tyto alba)
Bronze, iron and wood, 180x80x50 cm. aprox. measures

Alba (detail - Common shrew, Crocidura russula)
Bronze, iron and wood, 180x80x50 cm. approx. measures

Previous sketch of the work and studies of common shrew, Crocidura russula
Graphite and watercolour on paper, 25x25 cm.

I have been thinking in this project for two years. It came up from the impression a barn owl flying caused to me while I was driving one night; it was almost still. The image of the bird etched into my memory and I made a sketch as soon as I could. I also made some studies of a barn owl flying and I thought it would be interesting bto complete the work with a common shrew as possible prey of the `hunter´.

Sketch of Barn owl, Tyto alba
Graphito and watercolour on paper, 30x25 cm.

Morphological study of the head and sketch of the body
Graphite on paper, 25x25 cm.

Morphological study of Barn owl
Graphite on paper, 50x25 cm.

In order to mature the idea of the work I made some morphological studies of the main figure.

Image where you can see the comparison between the wax figure and the previous drawings. You can also see the silicone mold Marta (one of the teachers)made. I have a common shrew in process for her...

In this one I compare the wing in wax with the drawing.

Barn owl, molds in wax, Tyto alba
Casting wax, real size

In order to make easier the casting process I made the Barn owl in three parts -body, and two wings- which I weld later.

Next to the work.
I´ve set the pieces (Barn owl and Common shrew)on an iron structure, using the rectangle in my works to which I fit a wooden window frame I had found in a rubble container.

One of the special moments in the workshop. David came almost every day and worked with us.

This is David´s work; it´s in the fridge waiting to be casted.