Monday, April 9, 2012

On the cable, Passer hismaniolensis

On the cable, Passer hismaniolensis
Oil painting on wood, 30x15 cm

`The noisy colony dwelt in others´home.
The look of the winged .... examines."

This text accompanies this small work. I usually insert texts in my works; they are a sort of haiku, sometimes anecdotes or experiences in nature, another times they are data about the featured species.

I began to insert them after taking part, in December 2002, in a group exhibition, together with James Foster (photographer) and Alfonso Aramburu (watercolorist), which served as the opening of `The 9th meeting of writers in Doñana´, and after an inspiring weekend, full of art and culture, with Luis García Montero, Almudena Grandes, Antonio Ramírez Almansa, Alfonsa Acosta, Diego Ropero, Juan Drago, Caballero Bonald, Pérez Mercader and Arcángel, among others.