Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Third casting

Casting wax:  From left to right:my father, my brother-in-law, me and José 'Picanio'.

During these summer weeks and with a trip to Lisbon in-between, I have melt by myself for the third time. My mates Ándres and Lolita couldn't come this time, so I felt like facing final  exams. I have been alone during the whole process; well, that's not really the truth as my brother-in-law, my father and  José 'Picanio'have been there giving me a hand when it was needed.

Removing casting wax

All the moulds after casting wax 

I've recorded some videos of the melting but they're not high-quality.

All the pieces after melting 

This time I've melted eleven micros (direct technique with crucible of ceramics shell incorporated). Three of them will be part of a new work and the rest are proofs and part of pieces which didn't turn out well in previous castings and which I'll use to repair them.

Here is my new work: 'PRIVATE HUNTING PRESERVE, Athene noctua - Smerinthus ocellatus'.
Sketches and studies of the work 

Wax model of Athene noctua

Wax model of Smerinthus ocellatus

I'd also like to show you the casting tree of the main piece (the little owl). I've divided it in two micros in order to facilitate the casting process.