Sunday, July 12, 2015

Wildlife Art Exhibition - Cáceres 2015

Next to my work 'Motacilla alba'. My little girl has to touch daddy's sculpture.

We have visited Cáceres once more this year to enjoy its Birds Festival. This region is becoming an important place of my personal migration.  

Next to 'Aarón, Ixobrychus minutus'. The difficulties of its creative process are the proof that  ther´s a solution for everytning but death... you will be always on my mind, my little one... your essence is in Extremadura now.

Banners of the exhibition


Some images

After watching it, we enjoyed street performances.

The Cicconiae

I also spent some time working on some sketches of the lesser kestrels on Sunday morning;  perhaps for a new sculpture. 

Some samples of the results... It was a bit hard as I haven't been able to go out for drawing for two years.
I realized that I think  more often as an sculptor . I´m more and more interested in volume.
It has been coloured  later.

I could enjoy the exhuberant birdlife of the city...

And in the end my special little bird went to pick me up.