Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Phoenicopterus ruber roseus (Greater Flamingo)

Phoenicopterus ruber roseus
Mixed media on metal, 21,5x13 cm.

When doing this engraving I was not very satisfied with it because of its simplicity, but it was one of the most admired when I exhibited it. Its simplicity attracted the public.
Whenever I start a work, I divide the empty space into ovals, ovoids and circles and place on them the different elements which make up the work. Then I add more and more details, but always leaving the original curves in order to show the process of creation.
It has not only an aesthetic sense, but also an expressive nuance which show the immediacy of the work and the fleetingness of animal watching.
On the other hand, I use rectangles, an essential element in all my works. It fulfils both a compositive role and a symbolic one; it represents the spatial limitation of nature.