Wednesday, July 29, 2009

With-without lynx

"With-without lynx"
Sketches, FreeHand Designs

During two short courses I attended at the School of Arts and Crafts `Antonio López´ in Tomelloso, I made a series of earthenware plates, joined to make up a mural which would show, in a visual way, the relationships among the Iberian lynx, rabbits, partridges, foxes and genets.

"With-without lynx":(Lynx plate)
Engobe on earthenware, 31x31 cm.

"With-without lynx":(Genet plate); process of creation
Engobe on earthenware, 31x31 cm (central); 16x31 cm (complementary)

"With-without lynx": (Rabbit plate); process of creation"
Engobe on earthenware, 31x31 cm (central); 16x31 cm (complementary)

After slicing the pottery paste, you capture the image on it; after that you make a cut on the marked lines which are covered with black engobe. You put it in the kiln (first firing). You finish by colouring the motifs you like and putting it in the kiln again (second firing).