Sunday, September 19, 2010

Course on Drawing and Bronze Sculpture, Priego 2010 (My work)

Northern Lapwings,
Bronze and iron, about 50 cm3.

Creation process

Casting wax model

Casting wax model with casting tree

Plaster blend coating (tabular alumina+colloidal silica+graphite+talc)

Adding of molochite

Removing wax hood at work

Pulling out the piece after removing casting wax. We get the ceramics shell mould

Ceramics shell mould

Crucible full of pieces of bronze ready to melt the piece

Micro melting kiln-the technique we used

The kiln during the melting process

Pulling out the piece. After melting bronze, it is placed in a container full of sand to cover the piece in order to avoid the knocking over and leaking of material in case the mould breaks down.

Removing the ceramics shell

Brushing the piece

Making the pedestal to assemble the piece