Sunday, September 19, 2010

Course on Drawing and Bronze Sculpture, Priego 2010 (Carmen Marcos' lecture)

Doctor of Fine Arts and Full Professor in Valencia Polytechnic, Mrs. Carmen Marcos, gave two lectures: one on her work (`Walking through a problem and its several solutions: sculpture as a vital need´) and in the other one she showed her work as a Professor and her specialization studies on ceramics shell.
A very interesting complement for the training we were receiving.

From left to right: Luis Cordero, Mrs. Marta Campos, Mª José, Santi, Bego, Bea, Lolita, Eusebio, Jorge, Irene, Vanesa, Gil, Andrés Ortega, Belén, Mr. José Antonio Aguilar, Rocío, the Town Councillor of Culture at Priego Town Hall, Andrés Naranjo, Paco, Dª Carmen Marcos, me and David.

Group photo of those present at the lecture in the Adolfo Lozano Sidro Museum, head office of the Municipal Foundation which organizes this course and the place where we drew in the mornings.