Monday, August 31, 2015

76th Fine Arts International Exhibition in Valdepeñas

One more year... the appointment with Valdepeñas consolidates. In 2012 and 2013 two of my works were shown, too. I couldn't take part in it in 2014...

Equilibrio o ¿Crees que somos iguales?, Recurvirostra avosetta 
(Equilibrium or Do you think we are the same?
Bronze and iron, 98 x 92 x 43 cm.



Yolanda, my little Andrea and Ana were with me. 

Visitors at the exhibition

From left to right: Abraham Lacalle - guest artist -, Manuel Lopez - Deputy Mayor and Culture Councillor in Valdepeñas-, Carmen T. Olmedo -Delegate of the JCCM in Ciudad Real-, Emili Gonzalez Saenz - Awarded with the Golden Medal-, Jesus Martin -Mayor of Valdepeñas-.

Moving speech by D. Jesús Martín - Mayor of Valdepeñas- who thanked the people of Valdepeñas by the continuity  of this event, which does not belong to any political party- It belongs to the citizens of Valdepeñas.
For his part, D. Manuel Lopez - Deputy Mayor and Culture Councillor - criticized the central governmentbecause of the excessive VAT for Culture in Spain.


Cover of the catalogue 
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My work is on page 95. 

Page in the catalogue where my work appears.

This town is different... charming... Here is the Royal Street.

He is present in this city.
At the Canal we can see his huge Don Quixote. Today I prefer to show you one of the latest enlargements in wood that he made for that monument. It is in the entrance hall of the Hotel Veracruz. 

Besides, my surprise was great when I saw that his 'Belmonte' appeared in one of the posters of the event on the façade of the Círculo La Confianza (showroom)