Monday, August 31, 2015

Drawing at Priego de Córdoba

Every morning, during the course of Priego we practised natural drawing with a model.
Aida, thanks for your professionalism posing for us.
As usual we all  showed our drawings to the Master who gave us his knowledge and guided us through this difficult path that drawing is.

A sample of my drawings, which are shown in 'Las Carnicerías Reales' in Priego de Córdoba, together with those of my classmates and the sculptures - the sketch by D. Venancio Blanco, the enlargements in plaster and bronze - made in the workshop. 


This year I asked for the possibility of  enjoying my work 'The Living River', winner of the 2009 course scholarship of sculpture. I took some higher quality photos.  
Thanks to Miguel Forcada - Culture town councillor in Priego de Córdoba for permitting this 'meeting'.

It is also usual that D. Venancio asks us to give him our self-portrait in order to have a record of all the students in the course. I made this drawing ... I couldn't think of a better self-portrait for me  ...  The teacher's smile when I gave it to him was worth the effort.